For His Glory

So this has been a rough week in a sense. There have been so many emotional changes and changes in general that I have had to face and I am currently facing. The worst part about all of these changes is that wanting to vent and wanting that support, however sometimes a person feels all alone in their quest of change and maturity. Do you feel like this? Well if so you are not alone, in fact I am facing the same thing. I’ve been there and I am there. There is so much I feel like I am losing yet there are hidden things that I am gaining as well. Take college for instance. I am in my fifth year of college and the excitement is getting a tad bit old if you know what I mean. I used to love the start of a new semester and new activities, the feeling of moving into the residence halls, seeing old friends, etc. It’s like you get to live a whole new life in a sense because a lot of things change while you are in college, especially if you are me. 

College for me has become like a workout session. It feels good and it does good for your maturity but if you are obese in struggles then achieving certain goals seems like a billion miles away. (Funny thing, I am in the obese physically category as well) Locking down onto a major and sticking with it, didn’t quite stick with me to say the least. I constantly became passionate about one subject then shifted my thought processes to another. Then I had the ” I think God said” confusion thing.  I thought God said law school. #Fail! I thought God said Psychologist #Fail! I thought God said teacher. Well not really a fail here because that option still might be possible but my point is this.  Whatever it is that is holding you back, remember Romans 8:28. Everything works out for our GOOD! Everything! Even the changing majors five or six times (like me). Transferring to three different college ( like me) or not being able to pass simple mathematics ( like me), all of it can seem like obese struggles, but know that God is the drill sergeant to get you back into shape. If you allow him to he will put you through spiritual boot-camp, so that you can fight off the negative “I can’t do it, Im not smart enough, etc” enemy that is devouring you mind. Everything in life is for His Glory. His own Son’s death was for His Glory. God had to show us that he is God and that he has the ultimate plan even when things get confusing or foggy. Jesus hung on that cross because he knew that in order for us to have true salvation someone perfect and without blemish nor fear would need to die a fearful death! So I encourage you no matter what, to keep running, and lose the obese struggle because God works everything out so it can be a testament of His Glory! 

Love and Peace,

Hidden Precious Thing

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