Dear Future Hubby: Prayer letters to my future Husband.


I pray that when you get this letter, you would have a full understanding of how goofy yet AWKWARD I really am.

Anywho! If you are reading the letter that means you my friend, have done the impossible. You have broken through my heart, and promised to never let it go. You have seen me at my worst and at my best. You have become annoyed with me on several occasions, and then have remembered how much you love me and why God put us together as the a hubby and wife team. Simply you’re all that.

If you’re reading this letter then you would have possibly seen me at my 265 pound body and loved every inch and curve, and have pushed me to get to a healthier weight of a 175 pounds. Your love for me at my struggle weight makes me love you more and more at my goal weight. Thank you babe for seeing past my struggle and walking with me towards my future health goals. If I haven’t lost the 90 pounds, then don’t give up on me yet. I am known to be a fighter and what doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger.

If you are reading this letter then you know my love for music, theater, movies with meaning, and my passion for the African American community. You are fully aware of my love for R&B, Jazz, Old Skool and Christian Hip Hop, Gospel and Classical music. You know that I love movies like The Great Debaters, Bend it Like Beckham and countless other movies and probably get annoyed at the fact that I can recite almost every line. You have grown to love my singing out loud in the car, making people laugh, and my impersonations of famous people and my late grandmother. You don’t think I am overreacting with my views, opinions, and actions on the disparities that are  crippling the African American and low income minority communities. Even if it’s not your passion, you support my vision plans and pushes me towards my completion goals.

If you are reading the letter you love me even with my battle with depression. You think I am strong even when I feel weak. You’re a leader and have encouraged me to know that I am worthy even when I feel worthless. You pray with me and for me, never taunting me, or getting frustrated when I feel non-pretty or like life is a blur. Instead, you kiss me softly and gently, reassuring me of my God given beauty, talents, and gifts. You’re patient and kind with me and I love it.

If you are reading this letter you know that I am an night owl. You know that I am not a neat freak and can be a little messy but the spirit of Martha Stewart comes alive in me with the right music while cleaning the house. You know that I can cook good ol soul food, or make yummy stir fry and you warn me about portions and starchy foods. You know that I love to over analyze everything and will kindly redirect me back to the road of making logical and sound choices. You will love me when I am having an ADD moment, and will help me grow in areas of forgetfulness and budgeting money.

If you are reading this letter you will know that I said yes to you because of your heart. You made up in your mind that I was special and beautiful, and someone you wanted to pursue. You have a heart for God and His people without restrictions, and you yearn to serve God in whatever ministry he sees fit for you. You are full of integrity and you make wise choices that will be spiritually good and healthy for our family. You are able to handle my family, even if they make you uncomfortable, you don’t judge them and manage to make them feel loved and appreciated. You accept my flaws and allow me to see yours so that we could grow together as husband and wife. You pray and read the Bible with me, creating a routine of discipleship and teaching to be transferred between the both of us. You support all of my dreams (even the crazy ones) and you’re my biggest cheerleader. You’re trustworthy and full of Godly wisdom. You protect my purity by honoring my body all the way to the marriage bed and beyond. You have all of the qualifications of being an amazing husband and father to our future children but most of all an amazing leader in Jesus Christ.

If you are reading this letter, know that faith and unconditional love brought us together. That God himself showed me that you were what I needed. That love will get us through the storms and attacks from the Enemy. You’re my partner in the battle against world and it’s standards. If you’re reading this, know that I love you through my awkwardness and my insecurities, and pain. If you’re reading this, know that my yes came with a heart willing to submit to you and to God for always until our eternal resting place.

With Unconditional Love,

Lakeyia B







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